LG Optimus L9 P760, Accesibility report

Average: 3.6 (25 votes)

Vision: customization and alternatives

Screen Readerwrong
Screen Magnifierwrong
Display Sizecorrect
Screen brightnesscorrect
Presentation of icons and elements on the displaycorrect
Font Sizecorrect
Color Inversionwrong
Keys, buttons and icons with sufficient contrastcorrect
Backlit keyscorrect
Keys and icons visual stylecorrect
Tactilely discernible keys and buttonscorrect
Tactilely-discernible spacing between keys and buttonscorrect
Tactile discernible marker on F, J or 5 Keysnot applicable
Sound alerts for notificationscorrect
Touch Soundcorrect
Display Resolutioncorrect
Font Stylecorrect
Use of Colorcorrect
Color Customizationwrong
Audio Descriptionwrong
Stop or hide moving contentwrong
Screen curtainwrong
Braille Compatibilitywrong

Hearing: customization and alternatives

Visual cues for notifications and alertscorrect
Volume Controlcorrect
Adjustable light alertscorrect
Hearing aid or cochlear implant compatibilitycorrect
Text messaging servicescorrect
Video callscorrect
Touch Vibrationcorrect
Vibration Alertscorrect
Real Time Textwrong

Dexterity: customization and alternatives

Screen timeoutcorrect
Voice control or personal assistantcorrect
Speed dialingcorrect
Easy access to volume controlcorrect
Predictive text inputcorrect
Simple screen locking and unlocking systemcorrect
Fonts large enough to press comfortablycorrect
Keys and buttons that do not require excessive strenght to be pressedcorrect
Any key answering featurenot applicable
Possibility to control the device using a stylus or a similar assistive accessorywrong
Appropriate weight and sizecorrect
Possibility to place the device on a flat surface or in a standing positioncorrect
Shock resistant casingcorrect
Device with no protruding external antennacorrect
Hands-free calling featurescorrect
Built-in QWERTY keypad or compatibility with an external onecorrect
Wireless coupling systemcorrect
Easy cable coupling systemcorrect
Automatic call answering featureswrong

Ease of use and access

The function of keys and buttons must be easy to recognize and understandcorrect
Multi-function keys close to the screennot applicable
Send key placed on the left, and end key on the right on non touchscreen mobile phonesnot applicable
Standard alphanumeric keypadcorrect
Adjustable options menu.correct
Configuration instructions easy to understandcorrect
Feedback to user if the device executes a process while in idle/sleep modecorrect
Customizable contact listcorrect
Accessible help information and user guidecorrect

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