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Samsung Galaxy A12

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Amovil seal

  • Low vision: Pass
  • Blind: Pass
  • Hard of hearing: Fail
  • Deaf: Pass
  • Poor manual dexterity: Fail
  • Lack of manual dexterity: Fail
  • Poor comprehension skills: Pass
  • Color Blindness: Pass
  • Speech disability: Pass
The Samsung Galaxy A12 is a mid-range device that is accessible to people who have low vision, are deaf, have poor comprehension skills, color blindness, and speech disabilities. This smartphone is not recommended for hard of hearing who wear hearing aids with telecoil. People who have hearing aids without a telecoil could use it, but they will hear ambient sounds. Nor can we recommend this phone to people with moderate and severe dexterity disabilities, since it does not meet weight requirements. It could be too heavy for these users to handle it. Additionally, persons with muscle weakness may have a hard time pressing physical buttons.

Start date: 14/07/2021

End date: 13/07/2023