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Samsung Galaxy A53 5G

Galaxy A

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Amovil seal

  • Low vision: Pass
  • Blind: Pass
  • Hard of hearing: Pass
  • Deaf: Pass
  • Poor manual dexterity: Pass
  • Lack of manual dexterity: Pass
  • Poor comprehension skills: Pass
  • Color Blindness: Pass
  • Speech disability: Pass
Mid-range device, accessible for the following disabilities: low vision, blindness, hard of hearing, deafness, poor manual dexterity skills, lack of manual dexterity skills severe handling difficulty, poor comprehension skills, color blindness and speech disability. Hearing aid and implant compatibility is achieved by pairing these prostheses with the device via Bluetooth. The handset, however, has some barriers. For example, there is no screen curtain, which darkens the display keeping it active. This feature allows blind people to have more privacy when interacting with the device using the screen reader.

Start date: 04/04/2022

End date: 03/04/2024